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Vinyl Flooring in Newhall, CA

Vinyl Flooring in Newhall, California


Luxury vinyl flooring is a beautiful all-around performer that never holds back on style. With its benefits meant to be enjoyed throughout your home, vinyl flooring is durable, stunning, and highly affordable.

At Brent’s Carpet One Floor & Home in Newhall, California, we can help you find the perfect flooring to manage your home with ease. Our expansive vinyl flooring inventory includes a wide range of nature-inspired options for all residential and commercial uses.


Are There Different Types of Vinyl Flooring?

You can find vinyl flooring most often in plank or tile form. If the look of hardwood calls to you, you’ll love luxury vinyl plank. There are vinyl planks offered up in all your favorite finishes, textures, and colors. With luxury vinyl tile, you can enjoy all the same stylish looks of traditional tile without the cost or difficult installation process.


What is Luxury Vinyl Plank (LVP)?

Luxury vinyl plank is simple to install since you don’t need adhesive or nails in most instances. It is made in sturdy layers, so this floor is incredibly dense. It’s also soft to walk upon and gentle on your aching joints. Additionally, these planks are produced in all sizes, allowing for full customization. Luxury vinyl plank is easy to care for, and occasional sweeping or light mopping is all that’s needed to make it shine.


Why Choose Wood-Look Vinyl Flooring?

There are great reasons to consider wood-look vinyl. Wood-look vinyl flooring is fully compatible with moisture and humidity, even making it possible to keep your hardwood looks consistent in your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry room.

Are you someone who balks at the thought of frequent cleaning- never mind the high likelihood of future polishing, sanding, and refinishing? If so, you’re going to love wood-look vinyl flooring, which needs none of these tedious treatments. Your new vinyl flooring will stay beautiful for years and needs only an occasional sweep or light mop to hold on to its great looks.


What Is Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT)?

Luxury vinyl tiles are sold in hundreds of styles and sizes, inspired by high-end ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles. Vinyl tile is easy to customize yet never requires grout or a grade. It can also be used on your walls for an eye-catching accent or backsplash.


Why Choose Vinyl Tile Over Traditional Tile?

With its ongoing resilience, vinyl tile has much to offer us: a soft landing for tired feet, nature-inspired visuals, and the textures and colors you dream of. A favorite for residential and commercial spaces alike, luxury vinyl tile is a wonderful alternative to traditional porcelain or ceramic tiles.

With thousands of options to consider, luxury vinyl tile can capture any look you might imagine including glazed porcelain, rustic granite, or even fine-grained hardwood parquet. We promise you’ll find exactly what you want and need in vinyl tile.


What is Sheet Vinyl?

Sheet vinyl is hardly a new concept, but this affordable flooring has certainly improved since its inception. Advanced digital imaging technologies have allowed for extremely convincing hardwood and stone-inspired visuals. Sheet vinyl is sold by the roll and can be used to cover large areas, without breaking the bank. It resists moisture and shows very few seams.


Is Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?

A general rule of thumb is that all vinyl flooring is moisture-resistant, but not all of it is 100% waterproof. Understanding the differences between the two will go a long way in ensuring a long, beautiful relationship with your new vinyl. Moisture-resistant flooring, while it does repel surface spills, won’t prevent unnoticed accidents from seeping into the subfloor, whereas waterproof flooring creates a reliable barrier. Thankfully we carry an incredible selection of both for you to choose from.


Is There Waterproof Vinyl Flooring Near Me?

Yes! We carry several types of waterproof vinyl flooring, including rigid core and WPC. Our waterproof vinyl is fully intended to be enjoyed throughout your home or office. If pets and children are residing in the home, consider using a waterproof product.

While it’s a natural contender for a finished basement or laundry room, the prevalence of nature-inspired visuals means you’ll also love it in your kitchen or bathroom.


What Is WPC?

WPC, or wood plastic composite flooring, is 100% waterproof- making it excellent for commercial sites, as well as moister spaces in your home, like a finished basement or a bathroom. Exceptionally resilient, WPC is offered up in both plank and tile form, allowing you to create the most realistic “wood” designs. It is easy to take care of and can withstand heavy usage.


What Is Rigid Core Vinyl?

Rigid core, a hybrid luxury vinyl, can truly manage it all: water, heavy foot traffic, and everyday accidents. It’s comfortable to walk and stand on, thanks to its enduring core, and is sold in a universe of colors, styles, and nature-inspired textures.


How Is Vinyl Flooring Installed?

Easy and relatively quick to install, vinyl flooring is available in planks, sheets, and tiles that may often be glued directly to your subfloor during installation.


Options are also available to eliminate the adhesive process, meaning the thin, flexible planks or tiles are easily clicked and attached to one another. Floating directly over the subfloor means glue isn’t required: even better, your new floor will be completely free of surface gaps.


Where Can Vinyl Flooring Be Installed?


Can I Shop for Vinyl Flooring Near Me?

Yes! When you’re looking for an amazing selection of vinyl flooring in Newhall, CA, Brent’s Carpet One Floor & Home has you covered. As members of the continent’s most expansive flooring cooperative, Brent’s Carpet One has incredible purchasing power and variety, emphasizing friendly services and quality products.

Please visit us soon to learn more about our luxury vinyl flooring options. Can’t wait? Shop our vinyl flooring selection                      


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Caring for Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is easy to clean and care for! A simple sweep can keep your floors looking beautiful. Follow the link below to learn about a few vinyl care tips.